DAMA Day  December 14 - 15, 2011

San Francisco State University, Downtown San Francisco Campus
835 Market Street

Rooms 673-674


Blazing The New Trails: Big Data and NoSQL



  • Wednesday, Dec 14th
    Workshop on Unstructured Data Analysis
    Bill Inmon

  • Thursday, Dec 15th
    Key Note Speaker: Bill Inmon
    Topic: Kimball vs. Inmon – An Architectural Overview

Two types of architecture for building data warehouses have evolved over the years – the dimensional modeling approach and the DW 2.0 approach. Each of these approaches has its advantages and its disadvantages. This presentation addresses the differences between the different approaches and a combination of the two – producing a “best of all worlds” approach.

Other Presentations

  • Trends in Big Data Analytics: Next Generation Enterprise Data Warehousing, Predictive Analytics and NoSQL

  • Big Data for Enterprise
  • NoSQL – Understanding the Movement with MongoDB

  • What You Need to Know to Move from a Relational to NoSQL Database

  • Intelligent Decision Automation using NoSQL technologies (Allegro - Graph DB)

About DAMA Day 2011

This year's DAMA Day conference will span 2 days.

As the information management industry it going through major changes due to social media and proliferation of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data, many new technologies are emerging to take advantage of newly available data. Many of these technologies are based on non-relational data stores and are proving to be cost effective in processing large amounts of data very fast and effectively.

This new environment demands rapid adoption of technologies to process vastly produced Big Data to be competitive in market place.

These will be some of the areas addressed by leading Industry Gurus and practitioners in DAMA Day 2011.

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