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Past Presentations

June   Streamlining Data Quality Efforts Using the Dimensions of Data Quality
December - DAMA DAY
  Knowledge Graphs, Semantic Data Lakes and AI: The Next Generation of Data - David Newman
  AI for Self-Service Data - Ayush Parashar
  Powering Machine Learning and Analytics with Logical Data Lake - Avinash Deshpande
  Applying Knowledge Based AI to Modern Data Management - Mani Keeran, Gi Kim,Preeti Sharma
December - DAMA DAY
  Graph and Spatial Analytics for Built for Big Data Platforms - Jean Ihm, Zhe Wu
  Solving Graph and Data Visualization Challenges in the Era of Big Data - Brendan Madden
  The Problems That Blockchains (Public and Private) Solve - Kathleen Breitman
  An Integrated Approach to Data Management for Big Data Analytics - Jean-Pierre Dijcks
October   Building Advanced Analytical Architectures for Big Data using Logical Data Warehouse and Data Lakes
September   Oracle Spatial And Graph12c - RDF-Graph-Overview
February   Hybrid Data Warehouse Journey
March   A Data-Centric Approach to Enterprise Architecture: Embedding Data Capabilities into the Operating Infrastructure
December - DAMA DAY
  From Dimensional Modeling to Machine Learning - Josh Wills
  Mining large-scale temporal dynamics - Nish Parikh
  Advanced Dimensional Modeling: Dimension Attribute Changes - Joy Mundy
  Advanced Dimensional Modeling: Multi-Valued Dimension Relationships - Joy Mundy
February   Data_Science_Data_Warehouse
May - Metadata Two Step Traceability - Hamilton Hayes
March - Measuring Data Quality Using ISO 8000 - Peter R. Benson

December - DAMA DAY
    Mongo DB - Paul Pedersen
    Trends In Big Data Analytics - Joe Shaffer
    Kimball Vs. Inmon - Bill Inmon
    Analyzing Text In The Big Data Environment - Bill Inmon
    Email – A Special Case Of Unstrucrured Data - Bill Inmon
    Textual ETL – Opening Up New Worlds Of Opportunity- Bill Inmon
    Use Cases for Semantic Technology - Jans Aasman
    Big Data for the Enterprise - Bruce Nelson
    Moving From A Relational To A NoSQL Database - Dustin Sallings
November - Data Governance With MDM - Ravi Chivukula 

October - Data Virtualization - Suresh Chandrasekaran

August - Modeling The Enterprise - Part 1 - Matt Creason
               Modeling The Enterprise - Part 2

May - Data Quality Fundamentals - Abhiram Gujjewar

April - Self-Service Data Integration - Diby Malakar

March - 2011: The Year of Data Virtualization - Suresh Chandrasekaran

February -
      Mgt of Taxonomies for Search, CMS, and Semantic Processing -
      Ron Daniel

December - DAMA Day
      Agile Strategies for Data Professionals  Scott Ambler
      Cost Effective Approaches for Data Warehouse Projects   Ralph Kimball
      Lean IT and Information Management   Mike Orzen and Steve Bell
      Grid Consolidation in a Private Cloud   Bob Thome
      Information As A Service   Noel Yuhanna

November - Appliances : Embracing the BI Appliance Wave - Ashish Mirji

October - 7 Best Practices to Successful Data Governance - Jim Orr

June - Introduction to semantic web - Eric Franzon

August - Peter Aiken - Improving Information Architectures


December - DAMA Day
      Being a Data Management Professional in a Poor Economy - David Marco
      Meta Data Management and Data Integration - David Marco
      Customer Hub Methodology - Paul Bertucci
      Lean and Agile Integration - David Lyle & Diby Malakar
      DMBOK and CDMP For Data Professionals - Eva Smith

October - Information Architecture- Robin Taylor

September - Standard Naming Architectural Process- Francois Cartier

August - Data Governance, Enabling the Business for Success - Jim Orr


       Business Value Assessment

May - Enterprise Data Mashups - Suresh Chandrasekaran and Jeff Stutz

March - From Logical To Physical - Francois Cartier


January 2008 - Mapping Entities To Objects - Francois Cartier

February 2008 - DQ In A SaaS Environment - Diby Malakar

September 2008 - Informatica -Data Explorer Reports & Metadata - Jim Stewart


July 2007 - ROI Models for DQ:  Diby Malakar

May 2007 - An Enterprise Architecture for IT Service Management, Resource Planning, and Governance:  Charles T. Betze

March 2007 - Emerging Technologies: Architecting With Appliances; John O'Brien

Emerging Technologies: SOA; John O'Brien

February 2007 - Designing Canonicals for SOA: Bridging ER and XML Worlds; Mehmet Orun, Jeff Pekrul


DAMA Day 2006 - Graeme's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (2.5 MB PDF), Graeme Simsion
DAMA Day 2006 - Graeme's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (5.9 MB PDF), Graeme Simsion
DAMA Day 2006 - Replicating the Business Strategies of Others (24.4 MB PDF), Todd Stephens
DAMA Day 2006 - The Next Evolution in Metadata Services (31.5 MB PDF), Todd Stephens
DAMA Day 2006 - Data Governance - The Missing Link for Data Quality Success (252 KB PDF), Danette McGilvray

August 2006 - Process Modeling For The Business Professional, Dr. Robert P. Conway, Information Engineering Associates

May 2006 - Text Analytics and Business Intelligence, Jay Henderson, ClearForest, Corp.

April 2006 - Managing Data Data For Long Retention Periods: Requirements and Challenges, Jack Olson, NEON Enterprise Software, Inc.


DAMA DAY 2005 - Enterprise Metadata and Taxonomy Management, Breanna Anderson, SchemaLogic, Inc.

DAMA DAY 2005 - Image Search: Hierarchical Faceted Metadata, Dr. Marti Hearst, University of California, Berkeley

November 2005 - Information Integration in Master Data Management, IBM Software Group, IBM, Inc.

August 2005 - Genentech Customer Master Implementation, Stephen Thompson, Genentech, Inc.

June 2005 - Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance and Data Management, Frank Toms, Data Advantage, Inc., and Walter Moeller, Principle Partners, Inc.

May 2005 - Processes, Metadata and Ontoligies: Solutions to Understand, Document and Automate the Enterprise, Tony Dymond Ph.D., Dymond and Associates, LLC

April 2005 - Dimensions Of The Enterprise, Francois Cartier, eModelers

March 2005 - Shadow IT and What To Do About It, Neil Radon, Hired Brains

February 2005 - Metadata Management 2005, Stu Carty, Galivan Research Associates


September 2004 - Enterprise Information Integration - Query the Network, Composite Software

September 2004 - EII Part 2 - Key Components of EII, Composite Software

September 2004 - EII Part 3 - Typical Patterns and Use Cases, Composite Software

August 2004 - XML vs RDBMS - David Plotkin, Wells Fargo Credit Group

April 2004 - IRM Roundtable - Part 2 - Metadata

March 2004 - Building Data Warehouses That Fully Support Time Variance ... And a Business Case - Stephen Pace, Kalido, Inc.

February 2004 - IRM Roundtable - Part 1


May 2003 - Improving Data Quality: Why is it so difficult? - Larissa Moss, Method Focus, Inc.

March 2003 - Data Profiling: Improving Project Implementations - Jack Olson, Evolke Software



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