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March 2005 Newsletter

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DAMA Board

Dan Weller
APL, Limited
(510) 272-8126

Satwant Bal
Pacific Bell
(925) 867-6498

Francois Cartier
(650) 588-2470


Lynn Johnston
Pacific Bell
(925) 823-9572

Sheila Goodson
Wells Fargo Bank
(925) 686-7148

Thomas J. Gaffney

Wendy Wood
Pacific Bell
(925) 823-8042


March 2005 MEETING
Wednesday, March 2, 2005 at:

370 Third Street, EMBARC Room
San Francisco, CA


8:30 9:00

Continental Breakfast

9:00 9:15

Welcoming Remarks

9:15 10:15

Shadow IT and What To Do About It,
Neil Radon

10:15 10:30


10:30 11:45

Continued Presentation

11:40 12:00

Questions and Wrap-up

12:00 Lunch

Restaurant (to be announced at the meeting)




"They are able because they think they are able.

- Virgil

Information Resource Management: Setting Standards for Excellence



Directions to this month's meeting:

370 Third Street, EMBARC Room
San Francisco, CA

From the East Bay:
Take the Harrison St exit on the left toward Embarcadero, Turn left onto Harrison St.,
Turn right onto 3rd St.

From the Peninsula:
Take I-80 E towards Bay Bridge/Oakland/Seventh St/US-101N, Merge onto I-80E, Take the Fourth St exit towards Embarcadero, Merge onto Bryant St, Turn left onto 3rd St.

Exit the Montgomery BART station. SBC is three blocks south of Market


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Shadow IT and What To Do About It,
Neil Radon

Alternately called spreadmarts, spreadsheet hell and shadow IT, the reign of spreadsheets in organizations shows no sign of abatement. But is that all bad? IT organizations have demonstrated a poor understanding of their clients needs for analytics and personal productivity tools stepped into the breach. In this discussion, we'll examine some possible solutions to the problem, including the application of emerging architectures that might allow for very effective hybridized applications, preserving the truly valuable and unique contributions of spreadsheets in an organized way.

In the second half, the subject of business modeling will be examined, including:

  • Requirements for modeling tools
  • A Hierarchy of analytical models
  • Metrics

With an emphasis on Business Performance Management (BPM) and transparency, it is more important than ever that analytical models be accessible, published, explained and collaborative. In this discussion, we'll look at the requirements for deploying and sustaining effective modeling environments.

Speaker Biography:

Neil Raden is the founder of Hired Brains, providers of consulting, research and analysis in Business Intelligence, Performance Management, real-time analytics and information/semantic integration. Neil is an analyst, consultant, author, speaker and industry thought leader. His white papers and seminars for some of the largest (and smallest) vendors are widely circulated and influential. His articles appear in Intelligent Enterprise, DM Review, TDWI Flashpoint, Optimize, Darwin, Forbes, Information Week and many others ( see for a complete listing).He can be reached at 805-682-1062 or, and welcomes your comments.

President's Message


As you may know, we were unable to fill the Program Director position this year. As a result, we had to rely on more vendor presentations than we normally do.

We will be having our annual elections at the March meeting. The board member term is from April through March. This year we have several board openings:


  • Act as coordination point for activities of all board members
  • Preside over monthly chapter meetings
  • Open and close meeting
  • Present monthly business
  • Schedule and preside over chapter board meetings
  • Determine and delegate special projects such as:
    • Surveys
    • Consultant Directory
    • Membership Profile
    • DAMA brochure
      • Serve as a clearinghouse for outside requests
      • Represent chapter to DAMA International
      • Provide input to monthly newsletter when appropriate

Program Director:

  • Arranges for speakers and discussion participants.
  • Ensures that the speakers have details of the meeting location and of the meeting agenda.
  • (Normally,) introduces the speaker and presents the speaker with a small gift at the end of the program. Also hosts a lunch after the program.
  • Works with DAMA International in coordinating speaker tours.

Membership Director:

Distributes invoices for annual membership renewals. Tracks payments and sends out timely delinquent notices.

  • Provides periodic membership statistics to the board.
  • Maintains the chapter membership database (skills with Microsoft Access will be helpful here).
  • Keeps DAMA International’s membership database updated with SF DAMA changes.
  • Actively seeks new corporate and individual memberships.
  • Replies to all requests for information about DAMA memberships

Communications Director:

  • Prepares and publishes the monthly newsletter
  • Communicates special announcements to the membership, such as DAMA Day brochures
  • Maintains the web site
  • Manages enhancements to the chapter web site (the director may make the changes directly or may coordinate knowledgeable volunteers who change the site)


  • Set-up and maintain DAMA accounts
  • Prepare annual budget and regular budget reports
  • Prepare regular Profit and Loss statements
  • Reimburse monthly meeting host for refreshments
  • Reimburse members for expenses
  • Pay annual DAMA International chapter fees

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these positions or if you would like to discuss what the jobs entail. I encourage everyone to consider becoming a board member: the work is interesting, rewarding, and you get to work with some really great people.


- Business Intelligence Tutorial by IBM - This tutorial provides an end-to-end guide for typical business intelligence tasks. It has two main sections: data warehousing and multidimensional data analysis.

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- DAMA International -

- Data Administration Newsletter -

- Data Modeling -

- Data Warehousing -

- General data administration discussion group that have over 500 members. There are hundreds of topics available for browsing or you can start your own thread. -

- Modeling tool specific discussion groups along with a generic data modeling discussion area. -

- Real-World Decision Support (TWDS) Newsletter --

- Ron Ross' Business Rules Journal - -


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2004 SF DAMA Meetings Schedule
All meetings start at 8:30 a.m. and are at the following location unless otherwise noted.)


Topic / Location

March 2, 2005

Shadow IT and What To Do About It, Neil Raden
SBC, San Francisco

April 6, 2005

Dimensions of an Enterprise, Francois Cartier
APL, Oakland

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