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Mani Keeran
President &
DAMA Day Director

Meera Jani
Communications Director


Karthikeyan Chinnusamy
Program Director

Francois Cartier

Membership Director

Web Master

Contents Manager




SF DAMA Board Responsibilities


  1. Preside over monthly chapter meetings.
    1. Open and close meeting.
    2. Present monthly business.
  2. Schedule and preside over chapter board meetings
  3. Determine and delegate special projects such as:
    1. Surveys.
    2. Consultant Directory.
    3. Membership Profile.
    4. DAMA brochure.
  4. Serve as a clearinghouse for outside requests.
  5. Represent chapter to DAMA International.
  6. Act as coordination point for activities of all board members.
  7. Provide input to monthly newsletter when appropriate.

Resource Director

  1. Solicit and coordinate meeting places for monthly meetings.
  2. Set up site for monthly meetings.
  3. Provide for refreshment catering at monthly meetings.
  4. Determine lunch location and make reservations for monthly meetings.
  5. Provide input about meeting sites, including maps, to Communications Director.
  6. Run annual Board of Directors election.

Communications Director

  1. Prepare and distribute the monthly newsletter.
  2. Collect input from other board members.
  3. Edit and assemble the newsletter in both HTML and Word formats.
  4. Update upcoming Conferences web page.
  5. Update upcoming Meetings Schedule web page. 
  6. Update links to other Websites web page when needed. 
  7. Upload the newsletter and changed web pages to the website.
  8. E-Mail a newsletter notification to all members.
  9. Forward rejected notices to membership director for follow-up.

DAMA Day Director

  1. Determine and reserve location for DAMA Day.
  2. With Program Director, arrange speakers for DAMA Day.
  3. Plan and coordinate morning refreshment catering and lunch arrangements for DAMA Day.
  4. Advertise and promote DAMA Day.
  5. Create brochure for DAMA Day, have it printed, and sent to all members and other interested people.
  6. Organize and coordinate DAMA Day registration and management of day's activities.

Industry Relations Director

  1. Promote and raise awareness of the San Francisco DAMA Chapter with other industry and professional groups, potential corporate members and existing corporate members.
  2. Leverage existing network of data management professionals for promotional purposes.
  3. Develop innovative marketing ideas and practical approaches to expanding the network and increasing membership.
  4. Interface with other DAMA Board members and work under the overall guidelines laid down by DAMA International.
  5. Connect to and solicit high-profile speakers for the Annual San Francisco DAMA Conference.
  6. Secure sponsorship for the Annual San Francisco DAMA Conference.
  7. Meet periodically with important corporate members to get their input and suggestions on ongoing San Francisco DAMA activities.


  1. Reimburse monthly meeting host for refreshments.
  2. Reimburse board members for expenses.
  3. Set-up and maintain DAMA accounts.
  4. Prepare annual budget and regular budget reports.
  5. Prepare regular Profit and Loss statements.
  6. Collect attendance fees from non-members.


  1. Take notes that report on the major points discussed and the decisions taken at the meetings of members and of the board.
  2. mail these notes to the members of the board soon after a meeting.
  3. Communicate with the California Secretary of State as needed for regular filings and for changes to the By-Laws.

Program Director

  1. Solicit speakers for monthly meetings.
  2. Prepare and send invitation and thank-you notes to. speakers for monthly meetings.
  3. Take the speakers to lunch after monthly meetings.
  4. Provide input about speaker topics and backgrounds to Communications Director.
  5. Introduce speakers at monthly meetings.
  6. Provide list of planned speakers for 2-4 months in advance.
  7. Solicit membership for ideas on meeting agendas and speakers.

Web Master

    1. Update existing web pages as needed.
    2. Create new web pages and related links as requested.
    3. Publish speakers presentations.
    4. Maintain communication with the service provider.

Membership Director

  1. Solicit new members and serve as focal point for membership questions.
  2. Maintain DAMA roster and mailing list.
    1. Collect information from Treasurer on new members
    2. Add names from monthly meeting attendance list.
  3. Create and give email addresses to Newsletter Editor monthly.
  4. Provide nametags and attendance sheet at monthly meetings.
  5. Create, distribute, and manage invoices for the annual dues.
  6. Work with Treasurer on new member applications and annual dues.

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